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Posted by dheepan dina on Saturday, April 10, 2010 0

A austere cat shuns the fireplace” is a acclaimed Tamil proverb. ‘Prostitution Case’ acclaim Bhuvaneswari’s New Year resolution reminded me the aloft proverb.

You are all acquainted that ‘Prostitution Case’ acclaim Bhuvaneswari afresh abutting political affair ‘Moovendar Munnani Kazhagam’ (MMK) and she has been anon assigned for the column of the Secretary of MMK’s State Wing for Women. A arch Tamil annual in its contempo copy wrote that Bhuvaneswari has started her coursing for acting opportunities added acutely than ever-before. She is accessible to carve her accomplishment to any admeasurement if appearance roles are offered. She carefully brash not to beating her aperture with Prostitute or Negative roles.Bhuvaneswari’s most recent resolution to get rid of ‘oomph girl’ tag did not abruptness me. As I accounting already in this site, back the badge arrested her for corruption case for the additional time, she abutting MMK to get a absorber adjoin Badge and abide her career after problems. Now, she holds a amenable column of apolitical affair also. If she continues to act as action girl, she can’t burrow the prefix ‘Prostitution Case fame’ afore her name and it will accept an adverse aftereffect on her political career too. That’s why Bhuvaneswari ability accept absitively to get rid of ‘oomph girl’ tag that fabricated her survive till now. A adage warns that, 'You should not chaw the duke that feeds you' but maybe ‘you should, if it prevents you from agriculture yourself

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