Why I Gave Up On Most Paid To Post Systems

Posted by dheepan dina on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 0

I’ve acclimated absolutely a few altered paid to column systems over this year in the achievement of earning a acceptable income. Yet, out of all of the systems that I accept tried, alone two accept absolutely accomplished the promise. Why?
I accept to say that although it has gone quiet for me the aftermost few months (I was earning $600 – $700 per ages at peak, now bottomward to $250 – $300) this is one of the two that I still analysis daily. Easy to use, a acceptable abutment appointment and about fair prices. Able-bodied annual it.
I’ve said it afore and I’ll say it again, I didn’t like this arrangement back I aboriginal accustomed it, but it grew on me. Able-bodied annual accepting a go, but your blog has to be altogether accounting abroad you won’t be accepted! Address your column and abide it for approval. Once accustomed you again articulation to the advertiser. No approval = no chargeless link, which is abundant and they pay well. The botheration is abridgement of aberration in tasks, but that should abound as they build. This is the additional armpit that I still like to use.
This is the aboriginal arrangement that I “dumped”. Aboriginal I got fed up of behest on tasks that I hardly anytime got to do. Again I got fed up of the tasks that came through the marketplace. You see, a 100 chat and a 300 chat commodity are paid the aforementioned amount, which is crazy, and the bulk was abutting to nothing. No advice from them back they had a botheration with a column and back I asked for help, no emails either. I aloof had to logon and see if there was a abutment reply.
I do, array of, accumulate active with this one but alone because I don’t like to let things go! The botheration actuality is that you accept to accumulate logging and and attractive for work. Then, back you acquisition it, to get $2 for a 200 chat column is a acceptable acquittal on a PR3 blog. Maybe if the blog is a lot college baronial and US based (I’m UK based) again some of those appetizing added acceptable advantageous offers become available. But, one for the future, maybe.
I’ve not absolutely accustomed up here, aloof I don’t see how to get a acceptable aggregate of assignment through and I accept no abstraction what their ‘points’ acquittal arrangement equates to. A acceptable abstraction in that you abide the column to them for review, but I’ve been cat-and-mouse now for my aftermost column to be advised for 12 days. Again, maybe shelved for the approaching for back my blog cartage has added alike more, although the ops I accept had from them accept not been aimed at my accomplished cartage blog.
I anticipate this could be a acceptable system, but as with BlogDistributor there aloof isn’t the work. At aboriginal there were affluence of jobs advancing through, but with a ambit of PR2 & PR3 blogs there is about annihilation about. Prices alter widely, after any reason. I anticipate if they spelled out what they were attractive for in blogs it would help, but I accept no idea. I anticipation at aboriginal maybe they were too new, but there is beneath assignment now than months ago.
This is a armpit that I appetite to use a lot, but as with others, there aloof is not the assignment available. There are affluence of video campaigns and abnormally afresh I’ve been asked to booty allotment in a lot of these, but accustomed they are paid per appearance and absolutely off the affair of my blog, area would be the point? Shame. Back there is an commodity it pays well, there aloof needs to be added opportunities to address accessories for them!
I accept done maybe one or two posts for this armpit and never heard from them since, although they did pay out. Again, it is not bright what you charge to do to get affluence of work. It seems that best of the assignment goes to the bloggers with the best reviews on their posts. But, as a newbie to the system, how do you get acceptable reviews?
Another that I’ve not accustomed up on, rather it has accustomed up with me! Although there is a antithesis that I can withdraw. This is all about actuality paid to accommodate bedfellow posts. However, it is a sister armpit to PayPerPost and some of the interface is able-bodied abaft the development there, so it looks like it is not actuality maintained (also their Twitter annual has not been adapted for 10 months). Acceptable idea, in a way, but aloof not the appeal maybe?
Obviously all of the aloft are aloof my opinions, based on my adventures with these systems. My blogging started a year ago and my adventure into paid blogging started beforehand this year. That agency that best of my blogs accept ‘low’ PageRanks™ (PR2 / PR3) because Google hasn’t adapted the advice in 8 months and they are all abstracts in blogging so cartage beyond them can be low.
Maybe if your blog is college baronial and college cartage you apperceive the secrets of alive these systems. If so, do let me apperceive by abrogation a comment!

The suspicious exercise trails.

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